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      Contact Avery Dennison

      Email Us Your Question or Comment

      Making a Compliance Report
      If you would like to make a report about a potential violation of company policy or law, please contact the?Business Conduct Guideline instead of the General Contact form. Contact our global toll number?+1 720-514-4400?or submit a report online to?averydennison.com/guidelinereport?(averydennison.com/guidelinereport-eu?for European employees). For employees, toll-free numbers are available for all locations on OurWorld.?

      Phone Number Listing

      Avery Dennison?Corporate Headquarters
      (626) 304-2000
      Glendale, CA
      Accounts Payable U.S. (866) 345-4999
      Benefits Connection (All Employees)
      (888) 236-3782
      Retirement Advocate Line
      (888) 236-3782?(Press 9, then 2)
      (626) 938-7239
      Covina, CA
      Avery Dennison Careers Website
      (440) 534-6000
      Mentor, OH
      Label and Graphic Materials
      Label and Packaging Materials
      (800) 944-8511
      Mentor, OH
      Graphics Solutions Vinyl Products
      (800) 282-8379

      Mentor, OH
      Reflective Solutions TrafficJet Support
      (877) 214-0909
      Niles, IL
      Retail Branding and Information Solutions
      RFID Customer Service
      (800) 444-4947
      Westborough, MA
      Monarch Printers and Labelers Customer Service
      (800) 543-6650
      Miamisburg, OH
      Printer Solutions Customer Service
      (800) 395-2282
      Sayre, PA
      Industrial and Healthcare Materials
      Vancive Medical Technologies General Information?
      (440) 534-2600
      Mentor, OH
      Cable Ties Customer Service
      (978) 353-2200
      Fitchburg, MA

      Media Contacts

      Find the right media contact by region and business unit.

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